Some of my favourite Vogue books


The Vogue books are extremely interesting and informative in my opinion. Because it doesn’t focus only at the magazine but in fashion history itself – and let’s be honest here, Vogue is one of the oldest fashion magazines in history so it’s a certainty that some very interesting piece of history happened in there. Here are a few of my own personal favourites, among the millions and millions they published. I thought about posting about them individually, so if you want me to show more one of them just let me know.

1) Unseen Vogue- Robin Derrick + Robin Muir

    This book gives you an insight of the process of creating fashion images. The not so good shots, the trials and errors and how the great photographers dealt with them. It’s really interesting to see the “behind the scenes” from before Twitter and Instagram. Now we have constant access to what happens in fashion but it was not always like that. This books shows that and the first attempts from several amazing photographers. You get to see what it got rejected and understand why. It’s really informal and rich.

2) In Vogue – 70 years of Style – Georgina Howell: 

“A book that stopped at changing hemlines”, that was Georgina Howell’s plan when she wrote this book. This books is quite old (1991) and it was quite hard to find, so you can imagine my happiness when I found it at the library at university. It is so interesting, it’s about the periods of history and how the magazine portrait it but also about how they portrait the people and their lives. And the images are splendid as well. It’s presented in a different way of the typical “magazines” books. You can find it on Amazon but from third-part sellers.

3) As seen in Vogue – Daniel Delis Hill

When I got this book I thought it would be all about advertising and illustrations. But, it goes deeper into history and how the role of women changed through time as well as how they saw themselves. How mass production in the States helped ladies that couldn’t afford Dior or Poiret dress in nice ways. Most importantly how advertising and fashion media helped to mold culture. This book is based on the American Vogue – therefore is a different approach from Georgina’s book which is based on British Vogue.

4) Vogue Fashion – Linda Watson 

A must have/read for everyone who likes fashion or studies. This book is a compilation of information about decades, designers, it’s pretty much loads of history, so if you like history of fashion you’ll probably love this book. It’s very detailed as well, which is good. It goes back and forth from fashion history to Vogue and like the other ones, how Vogue portrait the passage of time.

If you guys want me to post more about one of them (or all of them) please let me know ;)



Concrete and glass

DSCN7437Last day of February. Is it me or this year is going to fast? I don’t like this at all haha. It means we have to do twice much to seize the moment and do our best always. I hope your February was amazing and March will be even better.

Took this photo from the building opposite to St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Loved the tiny windows, reminds of airplane windows.

Hope you have an amazing weekend =D



Full Circle

DSCN7747 copy DSCN7675 copy DSCN7643 copyCOLLADSCN7647 copy

 Hello everybody!  Thursday is here, weekend is just around the corner. To be quite honest, that doesn’t matter much to me, because I work during the weekends haha. But the excitement is just the same, it’s good to come home from work, have some lazy sushi/Netflix night.

I was never a big fan of backpacks, they always make me feel weird in a way, I don’t know. Maybe is the feeling of my arms flying around freely. Especially if I’m walking and listening to some music, it’s so hard for me to keep my arms still haha so if you can easily spot me trying not to dance. So I usually have one for some special occasions, like bringing my computer to university with a bunch of different stuff. And that one must be THE one, so you can imagine that it takes time to find it. I spot this one at River Island a couple of months ago and It’s been my most loyal companion ever since. The opening might be annoying because it’s a bit to tight, but once you organise everything inside it’s fine. I loved it because of its style, I was looking for something more “grown-up”  – my last backpack was big with floral print.

Are you guys fan of backpacks? Please, tell me your thoughts.

Wearing: River Island backpack, Mark&Spencer jacket, Zara t-shirt, River Island jeans and Melissa shoes.

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Mid-Century Fashion and Advertising Photography

DSCN7614 copy

DSCN7628 DSCN7625 DSCN7630 DSCN7633 DSCN7636

I promised myself that when I have more than 3 books to read, I should stay away from the library or any bookstores until I’m done with them. Of course, that never happens, I always find something interesting that I want to read. So, in one visit to the library at my university, I came across this book. I adore big informative books, specially when they have loads of beautiful images and you can see all the details and learn a lot.

Mid-Century Fashion and Advertising Photography – William Helburn:

One of the reasons why I liked this book so much is because it reminds me a lot of Mad Men. Of course, because William Helburn was THE hot photographer during the 50’s and 60’s, all the major advertising agencies in New York wanted him. His style was really bold, innovative and dynamic, reason why he was such a hype. He wanted to shock people and I’m pretty sure he did at that time. The book is collective of his work and some of the pictures haven’t been seen since they were first used ages ago. It’s interesting if you are into advertising, fashion, photography or just life pretty pictures. He worked for advertising but also for fashion, cars and a lot more and worked with them most beautiful people ever. It’s definitely a book to have or to read at least once. I liked how we can see the differences in how people were portrait as well, it’s way more posed then now, but on the other hand they look like their having more fun. It’s just my impression.

| Pages: 224 | Publisher: Thames & Hudson | ISBN: 978-0500517659 |